Friday, February 20, 2009

JCCC Invitation

Robertson Sensei wished for you to know he was at the JCCC last Sunday to observe, and to see what he could pick up and gained quite a lot.

"I'm planning on returning back to the JCCC this coming Sunday, as Etobicoke Dojo is closed, and was hoping that other members of the Burlington Dojo would like to come along as well."
We have been given an invitation by Asa Sensei to go to the JCCC and train, and it would be good for us all to branch out and gain knowledge from other Dojo's and further our kendo training.
This is a great way to be seen and to gain experience and for us all to grow. The beauty of Kendo is it's not for profit. It allows us to travel to other dojo's and access to a variety of well rounded, experienced sensei's and kendoka. Please take advantage of this offer.

For info on the club

Here are the address and directions
6 Garamond Court
Don Mills, Ontario
Canada M3C 1Z5

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Thank you,
Burlington Kendo