As is the case with all Kendo Clubs, The Burlington Kendo Club's instructors are volunteers, and are not paid for their instruction.  We are a non-profit club, and our monthly fee of $35 (payable in half-year or full-year installments) merely helps to cover club costs such as facility rental.

If you join the club, you must pay 2 other annual fees: CKF (Canadian Kendo Federation) dues of $35, payable directly through their website, and OKF (Ontario Kendo Federation) / CKF Dojo Fee dues of $25, payable through the dojo at the start of each calendar year.

Other costs include a shinai [beginners], gi and hakama [intermediate players], and bogu [advanced players].  Costs for these items vary by quality; check our supplier's website for current prices.  Check with your Sensei before buying anything, however, as shinai and used equipment may be available through the club at discounted prices, and/or with no shipping charges.