...consists of the swords, uniform and armour:

There are two types of wooden swords used. First, thebokken or bokuto: a solid wooden sword. The bokuto is used for basics and forms practice (kata).

Second, the shinai, is made up of four bamboo staves and leather. [shinai assembly 1 | 2]  The shinai is used for full contact sparring practice. Adult men use a size 39 shinai, while women use a size 38 shinai.

The uniform, or dogi, consists of woven cotton top called a keikogi and pleated skirt-like trousers called a hakama.  [folding instructions]  [dressing instructions]  The armour, or bogu, consists of four pieces: the helmet (men), the body protector (do), the gloves (kote), and the hip and groin protector (tare).  [bogu dressing instructions]  [men removal instructions]  [do / tare removal instructions]  There is also a head cloth (tenugui) worn under the men.  [tenugui instructions]