Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grading Applications Now Available!

Dear Members,

The Eastern and Western Kendo grading committees are now open to receive applications for grading 1-Kyu to 3-Dan.

Please be advised that from this grading onwards, a written examination (1-Dan to 3-Dan only) will be required; you have to submit the examination form by email BEFORE the grading deadline. The CKF's main site has the form that can be downloaded as well as information about where to find reading materials for study.

Eastern Kendo Grading will be held in Montreal - McGill University
Date: June 18th, 2011 at 9:00 AM; Deadline to apply for grading: June 11th 2011
Deadline to submit the written examination form: June 7th 2011; the form has to be submitted by email to Christian D'Orangeville Sensei directly(

Western Kendo Grading will be held at Steveston Kendo Club - Richmond BC
Date: June 11th 2011 12:00 noon Deadline: to June 6th 2011
Deadline to submit the written examinati on form: June 1st 2011; the form has to be submitted by email to Ray Murao Sensei directly(

Please don't wait until the last minute; remember that you will need authorization from your Sensei and your Dojo administrator will have to unlock your application form. Also, please notice that at this point, the written examination is a separate step that is not included on your regular online application form so, it is an extra step you have to make at this point.

If any questions please contact

Thank you

Eduardo Cigliutti - CKF