Thursday, June 2, 2011


Dear Members,

The 2011 tri-annual general meeting of the Canadian Kendo Federation will be held Friday July 1, 7:00p - 8:30p at the BCIT Townsquare A & B in association with the Canadian National Kendo Championships (Website)

This meeting will present the financial report and audit to the members, as well as various other committee reports. As well, the board of directors for the next three year term will be elected. Various other agenda items as added between now and June 21 will be discussed and voted upon at the meeting.

At (below) you will find various forms which you will need to participate in the meeting.
. Delegate Member - each dojo in good standing may send one (1) voting member to the general meeting. If said dojo has more than 30 members in good standing that dojo may send two (2) delegate members.
. Member in Good Standing - a paid up member of the CKF as of June 7, 2011. Any member in good s tanding may attend and speak at the meeting.
. Dojo in Good standing - a group which has been identified as a dojo by the directors of the CKF, has paid its dojo dues as of June 7, 2011, has at least five members in good standing and has a sensei who is 5dan or more (sensei can hold cross appointments).
. Agenda Items
. Delegate Member Form
. Delegate Proxy Form
. CKF Director Nomination Form
. CKF Bylaw #1 (the Constitution-PDF)
All forms will be sent to Kim Taylor, Secretary CKF and arrive by June 21, 2011. It is preferred that forms be sent by email (cut and paste them in the body of the email).

Kim Taylor
44 Inkerman St
Guelph Ont
N1H 3C5

The agenda of the meeting will be available online through this page as of June 22.