Saturday, December 26, 2009

Morgan's Thanks / New Year's Practice

Greetings fellow Kendoka,

Here is a message from Morgan Sensei, and an opportunity for fun practice over the holidays:

"Paul Morgan" <> writes:
Please thank all the dojo members for the support this past six months of my life and helping me back into Kendo.
Thanks for the Christmas gift as well. Merry Christmas & Happy  New Years......  Morgan Sensei

New Year's Practice:
To all dojos in Ontario
      This year on New Years Eve, Hayakawa Kendo Club will be holding a Toshikoshi Geiko practice to celebrate the new year. If anyone is interested in attending, please contact Mark Kawabe at kendoniagara. com.  It shoud be an exciting event. It starts at 8 and finishes into the morning with keiko, party etc. Mark has done a lot of work on it.  We encourage everyone to support it if they can.  We would appreciate if you could please advise all your members.
Best Wishes for the season and lets make 2010 an OKF year.
David Johnson
Ontario Kendo Federation.

Best wishes; see you in the new year!