Thursday, December 17, 2009

Re: Burlington Kendo 2010 membership Dues

Thanks for all the updates Ross,
Hope you're getting set up for the holidays! You school guys get quite the break! My dojo life has been a bit busy lately, but I'm hoping to make Mondays class. We just wrapped up a introduction to Iaido that was happening Friday nights, good response to it and am looking to have another course set up in the New Year. We raised enough money to buy a proper sword for tameshigiri! It's pretty cool cutting stuff and really hits home the importance of controlling your technique.
QB's after class? You think we can get Greg and James out?
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Subject: Fwd: Burlington Kendo 2010 membership Dues

Greetings fellow Burlington Kendo Club members,

Please read the attached .pdf from Mr. Mann for information regarding 2010 Club fees.